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Release Notes

Current or Impending
Version 9.8 (10 December 2023)


  • Service records and/or meetings that are being edited by a user will be locked to prevent others from editing at the same time (WebUI feature only)

    • The lock will be removed when saving or cancelling changes. Administrators can also remove the lock.

  • When creating a new or whilst editing an existing service record unsaved data can be recovered if a session drops out or is interrupted. (WebUI feature only)

  • The sidebar is now collapsible. This enhancement makes it easier to use Smart Health on tablet devices. (WebUI feature only)

  • Fixed the issue where the wrong location for the medical group is displayed on the sidebar.

  • The HL7 interface has been enhanced to support the handling of data for patients with intersex or indeterminate sex.

  • The EMR interface has been enhanced to give different Letter (and Clinical referral) types distinct identifiers (OID values). This will allow the services to be filed in different locations in the EMR if required.



  • Generic meeting types are now supported. (WebUI feature only)

    • New generic meeting types can be added by administrators in Medical Group List.

  • MDT Review permission type added that will control access to MDT reviews created within generic meeting types.

    • Finishing a meeting generates a letter that reflects the meeting type.


  • Access Care Plan – Access Complications table – Complication: added the following list as dropdown options:

    • Clotted needle, Blown needle, Poor blood flow rate, High venous pressure, Low arterial pressure, Poor urea clearance, Prolonged bleeding, Weak/absent bruit/thrill, Clotted access, Infection, Steal syndrome

  • Access Care Plan – Access Complications table – Treatment: is now an editable list with following list as dropdown options:

    • Reduced blood flow rate, Repositioned needle, Re-needled, Reversed lines, Administered alteplase, Blood cultures taken, Recirculation studies taken, Referred for ultrasound, Referred for fistulogram, Referred for fistuloplasty

  • Haemodialysis Prescription – Anticoagulation – Anticoagulant:

    • Danaparoid added as an option, when selected a field for “Dose” with “units” becomes available.

    • Fondaparinux added as an option, when selected a field for “Dose” with “mg” becomes available.

  • Haemodialysis Prescription –End Section:

    • Cannulae arterial” dropdown selection now includes “17g”.

    • Cannulae venous” dropdown selection now includes “17g”.

  • Haemodialysis – Observations table – RBV value now allows precision to 1 decimal place.


  • Mini Health Check Questionnaire: Issues are no longer cleared if the service record was edited.

  • Problem and Action: “Updated date” now updates when service record is edited


  • Dates are no longer shifted by 1 day when downloaded as Excel.

Current Minus One
Version 9.7 (18 September 2023)


  • Recent Patients feature has been included in SH9.7. This feature allows the last three patients opened to be accessed via the Patient menu.

  • New POS Assessment service record available. Access to this service can be turned on using the administrative module which has View, Modify and Create permissions for this service.

  • Support for import of patient email address from HL7 ADT using iPM PAS format has been included.

  • Entry of medications for Conditions associated with very long SNOMED names is now working. This has been fixed in SH9.7.

  • Hyperlinks now available to open patient and service records in the WebUI.

  • Enhanced resilience against WebSocket resets and better diagnostics collection if it does happen.

  • WebUI Notifications added that display Medical Group or User notifications.


  • PEP Assessment

    • The "Date and time of exposure" field has been made non-mandatory


  • Clinical Assessment – Error in the Stage 1 and Stage 2 guidelines has been corrected.

    • SH9.6 shows Stage 1 as eGFR >= 60 but this has been corrected in SH9.7 to show eGFR >= 90. Similarly Stage 2 was shown as eGFR >= 60 but has been corrected in SH9.7 to show eGFR 60-89

  • Transplant Progress Chart – Substantially reworked and restructured.

    • Renamed as Renal Transplant service record.

  • Transplant Waiting List – Updated and restructured for WebUI.

  • Transplant Donor Assessment – Removed from Smart Health.

  • Haemodialysis service – updates including :

    • Observation Table - Change to RBV value field maximum value and precision

    • Observation Table - Change to Arterial Pressure value field

    • Observations table now shows diastolic blood pressure reading

    • Observation table - Change of label for Actual UFV to UF vol

    • Observation table - Change of label, units, range and position for UFR

    • Dialyser dropdown new entries for Nipro

    • Pre-dialysis & Post-dialysis Blood Glucose Level fields made consistent with Observations BGL

    • Pre-dialysis & Post-dialysis Blood Glucose Level fields given alerts

  • Access Care Plan

    • Can now support attachments.

  • HD Prescription – updates including

    • Dialysate dropdown new entry for Polytainer 570

    • Dialyser dropdown new entry for Nipro SOLACEA 25H


  • Calls List – Empty Next Call Date – can be empty without corrupting list.

    • In SH 9.6, a Calls List entry with an empty Next Call Date value stops the presentation of the Calls list for the entire group. Enhancement in SH 9.7 to allow list to continue to be presented even with an entry with empty next call date.

  • Periodic Review – Text description in New Service dialog box – grammatical error corrected

    • The Periodic Review contains a very minor wording error "by updating one or patient records" now changed to "by updating one or more patient records"

  • Problem and Action service  – Action – Assignee not being saved.

    • SH 9.6 was saving the logged in user as the Assignee for actions entered into the Action table. This has been fixed in SH9.7 so that the selected Assignees now saved.

  • Questionnaire  – Q27 – Unnecessary descriptions sent to PajR have been removed.

    • In SH9.6 if the user selected “1(worst)” as the answer to this question then the string “1(worst)” was sent to PajR and caused them some processing issues. This has now been corrected so that (worst) is not included and only the value “1”: is sent. Same for “10(best)”

  • Questionnaire  – Issues Tab = “i” controls sometimes shows dialog box that is impossible to read.

    • In SH9.7 all “i” controls associated with all issues can be easily read.

  • PW Meetings – Summary of Treatments printout – now working

    • This print function in the PW Meeting service record was not working in SH 9.6 it has been fixed in SH9.7

  • PW Meetings – Brief Patients printout – now working

    • This print function in the PW Meeting service record was not working in SH 9.6 it has been fixed in SH9.7

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