Release Notes

Version 8.17 (14 March 2021)


  • Visit Numbers are supported when sending clinical records to Community Health SMRs.  To record a Patient's Visit Number, navigate to Patient Details\Providers and Consents, click Edit, enter the Visit Number in the Associated Medical Groups table and click Save.

  • The Launch with Smartcards option has been removed from the application home page (

  • The printing of Letters has been enhanced, including aligning recipient address for display in standard windowed envelopes. The same has been implemented for Clinical Referral.


Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management System (MDT MMS)


  • Meeting Management now supports Meetings for the Smart Health Patient Watch program.


  • Peritoneal Dialysis Prescription – the Summary field now appears correctly when this service record is printed.

  • Peritoneal Dialysis Review – the Summary field now appears correctly when this service record is printed.

Patient Watch

  • Patient Watch is now supported by Smart Health Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management functionality, including automated creation of Patient Watch MDT Review clinical records.Navigate to Meetings in the navigation tree to use this functionality.

  • Questionnaire Q33 Details field extended to 5,000 characters.

  • The Issues table in Questionnaire records and in Problem and Action records now displays the referenced Question and Responses when the mouse is hovered over an issue (tool tip).

  • Documentation for Import Patients:

  • The Patient List view is now updated correctly (there were some updates that were being missed).

  • Next Call Date is now displayed correctly when it is updated in both Questionnaire and Treatment Status Records.

  • Patient List views now sort correctly when sorted on numeric fields.

Version 8.16 (6 December 2020)


  • From this release, the Smart Health workstation client will no longer run on the Java 7 Runtime Environment.  The minimum Java platform is now Java 8.

  • A new option has been added to the User field “Role”:

    • Fellow

  • When a new User is created, the new user will have no permissions.  When the User has been created, select the Permissions Tab and then select the “Copy From User” button to assign the new User the same permissions as another, existing User.

  • There is now Medical Group specific “Support” text in the Help menu.  When you click Help/Support in the Main Menu, the default text that is displayed is “Please contact your local IT help/support desk.” If you would like different text to be displayed for your medical group, please contact Smart Health.


Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management System (MDT MMS)


  • Letters that are created from MDT Reviews now include the “Other Tumours” table.