Release Notes

Version 9 (13 February 2022)


  • log4j has been updated to address vulnerabilities that have been reported widely in IT media.

  • There is a new Web User Interface for Immunology and ID.  Other clinical programs will be supported by the Web UI in subsequent releases.

  • The function to display the Medications summary was using an incorrect permission - some users may no longer see the Medication Summary and will need to have this permission re-set.

  • If users wish to login to the Java UI and Web UI at the same time, they must login to the Java UI first, and then login to the Web UI (not vice versa).

  • The SNOMED database has been updated and now supports COVID-19 Conditions and Immunisations.

  • EMR interface when running in ORU mode only will suppress any ROL segments that may have been included.


Immunology and Infectious Diseases


  • Minor changes to some service records to support the Web UI.

Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management System (MDT MMS)

  • The Print Brief MDT reviews option in Meetings has been enhanced to remove MDT Review components that are typically not completed prior to the patient being discussed during the meeting.


  • No changes.

Patient Watch

New documentation page for CSV Export



  • An additional selection option, “Answered, no questionnaire” has been added to the selection list for Outcome; if this option is selected, the Questionnaire tab is disabled.

  • Questionnaire call reminder fields have been increased to 1,000 characters.

Reason field in Treatment Status Records

  • A new field, “Reason”, follows Participation Status.

  • For four of the Participation Status selection options (Not offered, Declined, Stopped by watch team and Stopped by patient), the Reason field is mandatory; for the other Participation Status selection options, Reason is optional.

  • Reason is a Mini Text field (40 characters).

  • The selection options for Reason are set by each Patient Watch team (Smart Health Medical Group), using the local Administration/Lists function.

  • Each health service’s Watch team will need to create the selection list for Reason immediately following this Smart Health release; until these values are created, staff will not be able to save Treatment Status Records for which Participation Status is “Not offered”, “Declined”, “Stopped by watch team” or “Stopped by patient” as Reason will be a mandatory field without selectable values.

Ordering of Problem and Action records when resolving Issues in Questionnaire

When a user is editing a Questionnaire and selects the function to assign an Issue to an existing Problem and Action record:

  • Problem and Action records are presented in Problem creation date order, with the most recently created problems at the top.

  • Date last updated is also displayed (after Problem creation date).

Add Visit Number to Patient Watch Import Patients From CSV File

Patient Watch Patient List/Import from CSV function:

  • A new field, "Visit Number", has been added to the CSV file used to import patients in bulk.

  • Visit Number is the second field, following UR/MRN.

  • The new field populates the patient's Visit Number field before a new Treatment Status service record is saved.


Version 8.17 (14 March 2021)


  • Visit Numbers are supported when sending clinical records to Community Health SMRs.  To record a Patient's Visit Number, navigate to Patient Details\Providers and Consents, click Edit, enter the Visit Number in the Associated Medical Groups table and click Save.

  • The Launch with Smartcards option has been removed from the application home page (

  • The printing of Letters has been enhanced, including aligning recipient address for display in standard windowed envelopes. The same has been implemented for Clinical Referral.


Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management System (MDT MMS)


  • Meeting Management now supports Meetings for the Smart Health Patient Watch program.


  • Peritoneal Dialysis Prescription – the Summary field now appears correctly when this service record is printed.

  • Peritoneal Dialysis Review – the Summary field now appears correctly when this service record is printed.

Patient Watch

  • Patient Watch is now supported by Smart Health Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management functionality, including automated creation of Patient Watch MDT Review clinical records.Navigate to Meetings in the navigation tree to use this functionality.

  • Questionnaire Q33 Details field extended to 5,000 characters.

  • The Issues table in Questionnaire records and in Problem and Action records now displays the referenced Question and Responses when the mouse is hovered over an issue (tool tip).

  • Documentation for Import Patients:

  • The Patient List view is now updated correctly (there were some updates that were being missed).

  • Next Call Date is now displayed correctly when it is updated in both Questionnaire and Treatment Status Records.

  • Patient List views now sort correctly when sorted on numeric fields.