Release Notes

Version 8.15 (6 September 2020)


  • Referrals have been replaced by a new Referral that can be sent via secure messaging (like Letters). Existing Referrals can be viewed, but not created or edited.

  • Cancer Referral has been replaced by a new service record, Cancer Initial Assessment. This service record can be attached to a Referral and sent to a Smart Health user, or via secure messaging to an external healthcare provider or practice.


  • Old Letters (CF, Renal, etc.) have been replaced by new Letters (New Service\Letters in the Main Menu). Existing Letters can be viewed, but not created or edited.

  • The recipient table in Letters has an extra column to indicate how that Letter will be delivered to each recipient (Smart Health, Secure Messaging or Printed).

Sending Correspondence

  • Letters and Referrals that are sent via secure messaging, or which are printed, have a time out of 3 days. If the letter is not delivered/received or printed in this time, the delivery will be marked as failed and will generate an alert.

  • Letters and Referrals can be re-sent to a recipient via secure messaging, or printed, by right clicking on that recipient and selecting re-send.


  • Prescribing of Medications is no longer available. The recording of Medications is otherwise unchanged.


  • Administrators can view users in other Medical Groups (Tools\Administration in the Main Menu).


  • The list of Immunisations has been updated to use the latest SNOMED terminology.


  • A link to the Smart Health “Training and Support” web page has been added to the Help menu.

Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Management System (MDT MMS)

  • A new field has been added to the Meeting “Add Patient” dialog to record EHR Consent. EHR Consent allows other Smart Health users and Medical Groups to view the patient if they are sent a Letter or Referral.

Patient Watch

  • The Tele-care Guide Patient List view has been updated to provide visual separation between overdue calls, today’s calls and future calls.

  • The Patient List view can now be printed.

  • Questionnaire service records now record call duration, including updating call duration when Questionnaires are re-submitted.

  • Questions and fields in the Questionnaire that are disabled are now hidden unless they become enabled.

  • Three additional fields (Tele-care Guide identifier, Health Coach identifier and the Provider who conducted questionnaire) are now sent to PaJR in Questionnaire Response messages.

  • Mouse-over text in Patient Assessment records has been extended to include more details for Frailty test.

  • Questionnaire Call tab now displays Caregiver name if Respondent = Caregiver and if Outcome = Answered by Respondent.

  • Health coach given and family names are now supported in CSV Import Patients files (the Health Coach must be a member of the logged in Medical Group).

  • The function to Export all patients in the medical group to as CSV file is now only available between 6pm and midnight.

  • A new Permission, “Patient Watch Save CSV”, has been added to the Patient List permission group to control access to the function to export patients to CSV files.

Version 8.15 (5 April 2020)

Member or Medical Group

Selected provider fields in Smart Health forms can now be used to select either a specific health care provider (medical group member), or a healthcare practice (medical group).  This means, for example, that users can select a GP practice for the patient if they do not know the patient’s specific GP.  There is therefore no longer any need to create generic GPs, such as “Dr Practice Principal” for GP practices.

The following fields support the selection of either a specific clinician or a practice:

  • “GP” in Patient Details/Providers and Consents tab

  • “Recipients” in Letters

  • “Referred to” in MDT Review/Recommendations tab/Treatment table

Letter Templates

There is a new entry in the New Service menu, Letter, which allows users to create Letters to one or more of a patient’s healthcare providers.

Select New Service/Letter from the Main Menu and then:

  • Select the appropriate template for your clinical program and click OK

  • A new letter form is created for the patient

  • Select one or more recipients (a recipient can be a specific healthcare provider or a medical practice)

  • Select the format of the salutation

  • Customise the letter text as required

  • Select any data inclusions for the letter (conditions, medications, etc.)

  • Select any summary data that you would like attached to the letter

  • Click Save to save the Letter as Final


The letter will be generated as a PDF file, which can be viewed by clicking the Open PDF button at the bottom of the screen. The Letter and attachments (if any) will be:

  • Sent to each Recipient electronically if that practice subscribes to the sending health service’s secure messaging provider (HealthLink, ReferralNet)

  • If the Recipient practice does not subscribe to the sending health service’s secure messaging provider, the letter will be queued for printing; you can print the items in your print queue by selecting Reports/Print queued correspondence from the Main Menu.

Other Enhancements

  • When creating Providers using the Smart Health provider tool, “Role” is no longer mandatory

  • In forms that capture clinical measures, BMI of greater than 100 is now supported

  • Attachments are now supported on Renal Social Worker Notes forms.

Multidisciplinary Meeting Management System

  • In Breast Cancer MDT Review, Diagnosis Tab, Clinical Staging section, “Infiltrating duct and lobular carcinoma (invasive type only): has been added to the selection list for Histology.

Patient Watch

  • Terminology Updates (Caregiver, Health Coach and Tele-care Guide)

  • The Questionnaire has been finalised for Production use

  • The PaJR interface has been configured, including:

    • Sending of Questionnaire Responses to PaJR

    • Receiving Issues from PaJR

  • Care Team is now included in the Patient Watch Summary, Patient Lists and CSV exports; Filter by Care Team has been added to Patient Lists

  • Column “Care Team” is now required in CSV patient import files ("UR/MRN", "Given name", "Family name", "Sex", "DOB", "Participation status", "Care team", "HLCC start date", "Funding status", "HLCC extract date")


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