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Patient EHR Consent

Smart Health is a Clinical Information System that provides detailed clinical information management for patients who participate in managed healthcare programs.  These programs are run by hospitals, healthcare services and community health services to manage the healthcare of particular groups of patients, such as those with kidney disease, cystic fibrosis and cancer, and patients who live at home and are at risk of problems with their healthcare.

Smart Health is a “cloud” system, which means that clinicians can share patients’ clinical records, including updating those records, across more than one health service and practice. That is, Smart Health also operates as an Electronic Health Record.

For patients whose clinical records are managed in the Smart Health Clinical Information System, this page describes how your clinical records can be shared with other practices and how you can request changes to these arrangements.

If you agree that your clinical records can be viewed by clinicians at other practices, you are providing informed consent for those clinicians to access your Smart Health Electronic Health Record (EHR Consent). These clinicians may include your GP, private specialists who work for other health services, and clinicians who may need to see your records in an emergency.  Once you have given your consent, and it is recorded in Smart Health, your doctors and nurses are able to share your clinical records with these other clinicians 

If you do not give your consent, your clinical records in Smart Health can only be viewed by clinicians in the health service that is managing your healthcare program.

You can request a copy of your clinical records that are managed in Smart Health at any time, and you can withdraw your consent for your clinical records to be shared at any time.  Simply ask the clinicians who manage your health program.

Smart Health follows the Australian Privacy Principles, including those that are for sensitive information.

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