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Privacy Policy

Smart Health is a secure, cloud-based Australian clinical information system and eHealth repository solution that aggregates patient-centric data across healthcare practices and across jurisdictions.

Smart Health was developed to provide the strongest possible security model for patient clinical data that it captures on behalf of its healthcare practice customers to support patients’ managed health programs. Smart Health functionality includes:

  1. Identification of healthcare practice users

  2. Secured (encrypted) authentication details for healthcare practice users

  3. Identification of patients, including across multiple practices

  4. Management and hosting of patient administrative and clinical data

  5. Confidentiality and integrity of that data

  6. Secure transmission of data

  7. Encrypted storage of hosted data

  8. Audit trails of all access to health records


If you are a Smart Health user and you are concerned about how Smart Health manages and stores information about you, please contact your health service’s Smart Health administrator.

If you are a patient whose health data is managed by Smart Health, and you are concerned about how Smart Health manages and stores that information, please contact the health service that uses Smart Health to manage your care.

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